GOUWA BEEF is the brand name of beef that is based JAPANESE BLACK (WAGYU).
One of the most famous Wagyu bull of all others is MICHIFUKU, whose dominant heredity for producing tasty meat generally speaking in Australia.

The basis way of breeding of cattle in Australia that is rich in grasses resource is natural mate - pasture over 1,000 cows and about 50 bulls together.
With this way, it is impossible to check the calving date and to know records of dam and sire.

We adopt a way of breeding calves from artificial insemination with excellent semen of Wagyu bulls such as MICHIFUKU at gGouwa Landh.
And we can breed many calves that have good competence to produce tasty meat at the same time, and also we can know the sire of each calf.
We adopt this way that is good to produce the safe and definite quality beef with all recorded their history.
This unique system is the basis for GOUWA BEEF.

It has taken twenty years for building gGOUWA LANDh.
We believe we can open the door that is the future developments of the meat industry.
This is a story of the young pioneer with the ambition in foreign countries (America, Australia).
What they pursue the production system of beef is,

Made by Japanese

With Japanese wish !

With Japanese skill !

By Japanese !

The negotiation on a hygienic treaty of a live animal exportation from Japan to USA was started between Japanese Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Fishery (MAFF) and USA.
™GOUWA Project was started at the same time.

It was not permitted to use public quarantines for alive animals export to USA by the reason that the negotiation on the hygienic conditions between the two countries was under way. We built a private quarantine in Takeura, Shiraoi, Hokkaido following to the guide line of USDA. This was the first case in Japan.

Protocol of the hygienic condition was concluded between Japan and USA.
™The door of new history of the meat industry was opened !

Wagyu bull of MICHIFUKU that is the root of GOUWA BEEF was born on almost same time.
™Other calves inherited the pedigree of MONJIRO and YASUFUKU were born.
They are accredited o‚† Japanese Wagyu association and producing high quality beef.

We have obtained an approval of the private quarantine for live Wagyu export to USA by Minister and the chief of Public Animal Health Center of MAFF.
That was the first case in Japan.

We exported two Japanese Black (WAGYU) bulls and four heifers to USA from Tokyo (Narita) to New York (Kennedy air port) by air.

We have succeeded the second exportation of live WAGYU to USA.
( The third exportation has been done in 1988.)

We built own farm for breeding WAGYU in Moses Lake, in Washington after the partnership of the research for WAGYU in the Research Park of Washington State University.

™We had started the production of WAGYU BEEF with Japanese food maker.
When BSE appeared in Japan, it was affected very much of our business.
We have decided to move to Australia for developing our breeding business as our independent way.

™We have exported WAGYU Bulls that were selected by evaluating the data from their ability of breeding and meat quality in USA from USA to Australia.

We have moved to suburban of Melbourne VIC, Australia, and started the breeding business of 2,500 head of feeder cattle per year for live exporting to Japan.
™We have served Black Angus cow with WAGYU semen by artificial insemination.
Black Angus has good reputation as the best beef cattle in the world.
Feeder cattle that grow up to about 300kg on the rich pasture are exported to Japan.
Feeder cattle are fed by grain in Japan, and they are sold as Japanese Beef.
Attn: The beef is admitted as Japanese Beef, if it was stayed for long term in Japan than in Australia.

We moved from VIC to Forbes, NSW.
Here is the gGOUWA LANDh

We had 3 big droughts between in 2002 to in 2007. One of those is the biggest drought in 100 years.
It is very hard to say all our experience.
You may not imagine it.
However we could get big confidence for our business through this occurrence.

¦Our breeding managing system

¦We build managing system which is under one company for breeding, feeding, producing meat.

The progeny were produced over 10,000 head since our business had started.
Those qualities of meat are the actual result of our business.

We are ready to go ahead.

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