Basic Concepts on Strategies on Beef Production and Sale using World K's Wagyu Genetics
1. Basic concept of Beef production and Provision to Consumers
World K's Pty.Ltd. Will produce and supply a good quality beef to consumers that is a discriminative one from the others produced in Australia until now. By using our splendid Wagyu genetics, we will be able to provide the quality of beef to consumers in large quantity through the year steadily. To complete whole process successfully, we will deal with total process of feeder cattle production, finishing of them and beef provision to consumers.
2. Concept on feeder cattle and finishing cattle production and beef sale
(1) Feeder cattle production
To get better performance of finishing cattle, we need to give high genetic abilities on meat quality and growth to feeder cattle. World K's Pty Ltd owns a variety of highest level of genetics as semen in large quantity. We are using a head synchronization technique and an artificial insemination (AI) method to produce same genetic of feeder cattle in large quantity in every month through the year.
(2) Finished cattle production
Feeder cattle introduction to finishing (feedlot) in a difinite range of age and weight in each month and finishing ina definite term is extremely important to attain an efficient production and obtain better results on meat quality and its uniformity. When we finish Wagyu crosses, we need to use peculiar finishing know how to get good result.
(3) Sale of beef produced
Wagyu Beef quality produced using our genetics could be discriminated from the other domestic beef that is also produced from Wagyu crosses, because of the quality grade and uniformity of ours are completely different from the other domestic ones. So it is not appropriate to sell our beef through the ordinary market where would deal our beef with as same to the other class of beef. We will sell our beef through our own route with special brand.
(4) Rationalization of each production process
When we develop our business performing all theproduction process through (1) to (3) described above, we could have the advantage of exchange of all information that needs to rationalize the production processes and to improve production efficiency.
3.Techniques used in our each production process and comparison of production systems between ours and an Australian ordinary system.
(1) Feeder cattle production
(a) Reason why we don't introduce a seasonal breeding by natural mating
We are conducting feeder cattle production in every month to get an uniform cattle in age and weight when introduce them to feedlot. This method is different from the ordinal breeding way taken in this country where seasonal and two times of breeding in a year by natural mating is popular even in Wagyu cross production. When we introduce the feeder cattle produced by seasonal breeding and ship them through the year, they need some adjustment on the time of feedlot introductionor nutritional conditions. This results in lessening of total production efficiency and uneven of meat and carcass quality. The nother problem that originates from seasonal breeding by natural mating is a progeny number size that is produced by a bull. The number is too small to provide a large amount of uniform quality beef.
(b) Essential conditions to produce feeder cattle high in the uniformity of beef production performance
Feedercattle's meat production ability is the average one of their parents. Variation of the performance ability among Wagyu bulls used forcrossbreds production in Australia are great and also, especiallyin case of F2 and F3 production, genetic uniformity of dams is also low. These two factors cause to lessen the genetic unifomity of feeder cattle's performance ability. These issues could be over came by introducing the feeder cattle production system we used. That is; the heat synchronization of females and do AI using same bull's semen and produced large number of progeny in a time.
(c) Full blood Wagyu production and performance test of them
World K's Pty Ltd owns full blood Wagyu bulls that are the best ones in outside of Japan and stocked already several hundred of genetically highest class of semen straws. To increase the numbers of high performance bulls, we are now continuing bull'sperformance test. The test is done by finishing their progenies under same condition and growth and meat quality of progenies are evaluated and bulls are selected for use. We also are producing full blood females from embryos and starting full blood Wagyu improvement programes.
(2) Finished cattle production
We have collected our bull's performance data conserning F1 between Wagyu and Angus more than ten thousand heads, and the results indicate that the uniformity of the performance on grades of marbling and carcass quality are splendid. When we produce meat using Wagyu genetics, it is importabt to understand the peculiarity of growth and tissue production of Wagyu. We need to make up finishing method based on the scientific knowledge. In that meaning, the method taken in Australia is not appropriate when they finish Wagyu crosses. There are two main reasons that explain not good performance results obtained in the ordinary Wagyu crosses feed lot. One is that they use feeder cattle produced using low performance bulls and the other that they don't have enough knowledge forWagyu cross finishing.
(3) Beef sale strategy
Reason why Wagyu beef that produced from Wagyu crosses in Australia could not succeed to establish their own specific status in trade until now is that its quality grade is not enough to discriminate itself to the other beef. The reasons are described above. Also Wagyu cross beef produced in Australia is very difficult to establish special status in Japanese maker as far as it is sold through ordinary trading route as the beef grade is known not so goo one. In present circumstance, it is apprehended that our Wagyu cross beef is also dealt with as same to the ordinary Aussie beef in a general trade market. So we will sell our beef in our own route and with our own brand.
4.Beef production and provision matching with the time trend
Demand for food safety from consumer is increasing year by year. We can provide the information concerned with whole beef production process to consumer as we have all section concerned beef production that is from cattle breeding to beef provision.
Demand for relatively better quality beef is increasing not only in developed countries like as Japan and USA but also even in developing countries of China and the south east countries. We believe that it is a time to establish total beef production system to provide steadily the beef that could be discriminated from the other ones through the year.

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