The road connecting paddocks in north and south area
Total road length distributed in Pine Hill farm is over 12 km
In every month, many cattle like as F1, F2 and Wagyu feeder cattle are shipped to the quarantine.
Fifteen meters wide road is enough to drive big tracks.
Cultivating and sowing machines attached to tractors also could be easily moved
Movement of cattle mobs
Fifteen meters wide road allows cattle’s slow movement.
As every paddock faced to the road, we can lead mobs easily from a paddock to the other one.
In grazing season, we have to change paddocks for mobs frequently, distribution of road in farm enable easy access to a new paddock is important.
Road from the main gate
Road length from this side to opposite side is 5 km. In this picture, it looks rather flat but ground level difference between lowest and highest area is about 27 meters.
Note: We are managing our farm under a considerably different system from the ordinary Australian ones.