In Pinehill farm, we are making an effort to maximize forage production by sowing oats singly or cover
   sowing in lucerne paddock that would maximize cattle raising number through the year.
   To increase cattle production based on roughage ration, we have to improve soil conditions referring
   to the results of soil test and pay attention to find out the best grasses and/or legumes conbination.
   Weeds control and pasturing and hay harvesting management are also important points to maximize cattle production.

  Cattle production based on grazing has risks of grass tetany and nitrate poisioning incidence. To control these
   diseases, we have to manage cattle feeding and pastures properly including soil condition improvement.
Cultivation Sowing, Germination Paddock 3 weeks after sowing Weed control by herbicide application

Grazing paddock ready for grazing Grazing techniques
Different scale (20 to 100 ha) of pastures are prepared for different size of mobs that were formed by each AI program.
The person in charge for cattle and pasture management have to have the knowledge and techniques needed for an estimation of possible pasturing term for a mob.
Timing to move the mob to new paddock has to be determined by considering effect of grazing on grass regrowth and cattle production.