Main dam I Can you see a person on the bottom of dam?
We catch rain water for cattle use.
Capacity Water storage capacity of this dam is 30 mega liters. (One mega liter is one million liters.)
Example This amount of storage water affords to maintaine 2,000 heads of cows for 250 days.
If it rains over 50 mm at one time, this dam will be filled.
Main dam II
Capacity Water storage capacity of this dam is 20 mega liters.

Water system
Water is provided from these two dams by siphon and pumping up system to water tanks settled in all paddocks.
The total system affords to provide water to 3,000 cows and 1,500 progenies through a year.

In Pine Hill farm, adding to the two main dams, there are 15 dams with capacity of 7 mega liters scale storage dams.
These dams secure water for cattle in heavy draught.