Pregnant heifers and cows one month prior to calving are fed in 'calving paddoks'.
More than one hundred head of progenies are born in every month.
Calves born are checked twice in a day, in the morning and afternoon, and relation between their mothers is confirmed. Works done are ear tagging, birth weight measurement, sex check and health check on calf and mother.
Calf production record is valuable not only as an individual progeny production history but also as a record that enables to select better breeding and nursing performance cows.
Basic scheme on progeny production in Pinehill is;
Introduce heifers as breeding purpose and cull them after six parities. One crop in a year.
Breeding herd we maintain now is nearly attaining the scheme.

Good temparament and experienced cow is waiting the finish of works quitely.
Person in charge finish this work within a minute.
We are doing this work as a routine work.
Complete production history starts from calving check and is provided to consumers.
We have a firm confidence on our production history management that is traceable.

☆ Calves suffered some troubles after birth or twin are artificialy nursed.
Calves suffered some troubles after birth or twin are artificialy nursed.
They are kept under good managing condition until they can take enough amount of good quality hay after termination of 70 days artificial milk feeding period. During artificial nursing period, they are weighed by two weeks and daily growth rate is monitored.
Under sircumstance of group management, infectious diseases are apt to develop rapidly and result in heavy damage to calves. To keep barn clean and to sterilize floor periodically using quicklime and others are inevitable.

Calves are return to the original herd when their daily weight gain over 0.65 kg.