1.We are keeping superior Wagyu genetics.
We are producing new Wagyu bulls by a direct and a progeny test.
Their growth ability is proved by their growth results. Beef production performance of them is proved by their progeny’s growth and meat production performance.
We collect semen from every bull and inseminate it to females of full blood Wagyu, Angus and F1 cross between them. After finishing those progenies, their quantitative and qualitative beef production ability is evaluated and new bulls as successors are determined.
To produce a new bull, it takes more than five years.

2.Our feeder cattle production program.
We are performing AI program every month by synchronizing heat of female. By the method we are producing a large number of high potential feeder cattle in one time .
On the results, we can get progenies in every month and send the same feeder cattle in months of age to feedlot and/or to Japan.

3.We can provide complete progeny production history. 
Progenies born are collated with their dam and ear tagged. We can provide all data relating birth weight, drench and vaccination history, carcass data through the ear tag number.

4.Special finishing method is applied to Wagyu crossed progenies
Wagyu crosses are expected to have genetically a good quality beef production potential.
To exert their potential, we have to apply the finishing method peculiar for Wagyu crosses.

We will establish total beef production system by our own company
We are aiming to build up total system from breeding and feeder cattle production to finished cattle production
 and beef processing by our own company and to establish the recognition of our brand by consumers.